Laundry Room Organizer: Another Use For An Over the Door Shoe Organizer

by Rachel
(Lake Havasu City, AZ, USA)

Rachel has shared her great idea of how she uses an organizing product in an unusual way to help her organize her laundry room.

Rachel says:

This product is so common it is found in most stores that carry laundry supplies. I find this product works best if the pockets are see through.

Hang this organizer over the door of your laundry room, but do not fill it with shoes. When you do a load of laundry and end up with that single sock or two (or more) place those socks in a pocket until you find their match. This gives you a place to hold the socks while keeping them out of the way, but in a place that is easy to see and work with.

I give each person in my family a row of pockets (four for each person). This makes it even easier to find the pairs and end the annoyance of lost socks :)

Taylor says:

Thanks Rachel for sharing your great laundry room organizer idea.

I love these plastic shoe organizers too. They have so many organizing uses, besides just for shoes, especially when you think creatively, like Rachel did.

Other ways I've heard of to use this product include to hold hair accessories, especially for little girls, for various crafting projects, and even for underwear and socks, for children's rooms. I'm sure there are even more ideas out there, so feel free to tell me how you use this item in the comments, below.

It is similar to all the creative ways you can use a hanging jewelry organizer, which is quite a similar product but designed with even smaller pockets. This over the door shoe organizer works better for larger stuff than what would fit in the jewelry organizer.

If you have more creative storage solutions, please make sure you share them with me, so we can all get even more great ideas!

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over the door shoe organizer
by: Anonymous

I use one on the back of my pantry door to organize my spices.

Other uses for Shoe Organizer
by: Jana

We barely have what you could call a pantry in our house, so I got one of those shoe organizers and we put it on the inside of our "pantry" door. I put snacks low enough in it that the kids can easily grab things. Up higher I have boxes of jello, crackers, bags of food (croutons, trail mix, etc.).

We also have one in our laundry room, which doubles as a misc. storage room. In that one I have batteries, envelopes, tape, hot glue guns, paper slicer, extension cords, 3 hole punch. You get the idea. It is really a perfect place for all the odd items!

shoe organizer uses
by: Anonymous

I have had an over the door shoe organizer in my bathroom for the past 8 years, or more. We use it for hairspray, brushes/combs, bottles of this and that...

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