How To Wrap Presents And Gift Baskets That Are Unusually Shaped

Below are videos and instructions for how to wrap presents that are unusually shaped, including gift baskets, so you can present the gift to the recipient beautifully, despite its shape.

how to wrap presents
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Not all the gifts you want to give to your friends and family can fit neatly inside a box.

But, just because you don't always have a square or rectangular object to wrap doesn't mean you can't make it a beautifully presented gift for your intended recipient.

First, get creative with what kind of containers you could put your gift in. Besides gift boxes, there are many other household objects that might work, like toilet paper or paper towel rolls, old cereal boxes, oatmeal canisters, plastic fruit boxes, etc.

Second, there is the old standby of placing awkwardly shaped items into gift bags. You can make gift bags very pretty too, by placing festive tissue paper inside the bag, brimming over the top.

However, if you really want to wrap your item here are several videos below that can show you how to wrap presents not matter what their shape.

How To Wrap Presents With Awkward Shapes

Below is a video demonstrating a general technique for wrapping any type of awkward shaped gift making basically a cinched up bag that is fanned out at the top.

The video suggests using homemade wrapping paper, but you can in my experience use store bought paper too. You just need to be very careful not to fold and crease it until you get it into the shape you want, or it looks a bit crinkly.

Also, this is not mentioned in this video, but if you have a present that has sharp edges these edges may tear through the paper. You can avoid this by using this same technique shown in the video, but using fabric instead of paper to wrap the present.

For more details see this video on how to wrap a gift, which presents this suggestion toward the end of the video.

How To Wrap Christmas Presents And Other Presents That Are Cylindrical

I know I've needed to wrap a bottle or a candle before, and it didn't turn out so well. That is because I tried to use the general techniques above, from the first video.

Here's a better video teaching you how to wrap these cylindrical objects so you can still sit them down easily when you are done wrapping them, and they will stay standing up.

How To Wrap Gift Baskets

Everyone has seen those beautiful gift baskets wrapped in cellophane, but it can be difficult to wrap one yourself.

The key is to get a piece of cellophane that is big enough to be able to bunch at the top after it is wrapped all the way around the gift basket. If the piece is not big enough it just won't work or look right.

The video below shows how to use cellophane to wrap the basket, and also how to tie it off with a pretty ribbon. I have personally found, since I don't do it very often, that it is easier to have two people when doing this process, one to hold the cellophane and another to tie the ribbon, although this woman in the video is coordinated enough to do both at once.

If your presents are more squarely shaped, you may enjoy this video on how to wrap a gift, which gives basic tips for wrapping standard shaped presents.

In addition, check out these video tutorials for how to make a bow for your presents, to give your gifts a nice personal touch.

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