How To Clean Coffee Maker - Everyday And Periodic Maintenance

Ever wondered how to clean coffee maker, since you use it basically every day to make stuff you ingest into your body?

how to clean coffee maker
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Fortunately, a coffee maker doesn't take too much effort to keep in tip top shape.

Daily Clean Up Tips:

  • After each use both the filter basket and glass carafe should be washed in hot sudsy water. (Do not use abrasives to clean the coffee pot because it can scratch the glass.)
  • If you opt to wash the pot and basket in the dishwasher instead, make sure you place them only on the top rack, because otherwise the plastic parts could melt.
  • Wipe the outside of the coffee maker and the heating plate off with a damp cloth. (It is easiest to do this when you are wiping off the counters.)

Safety Warning Regarding Wiping The Heating Plate

Make sure the coffe maker heating plate has turned off, and is cool, before you attempt to wipe it down.

Periodic Cleaning:

Every month or so, or more often if needed, it is best to clean the brewing mechanism of your coffee pot.

You will know when you need to do this because the brewing will become sluggish, meaning that minerals are starting to build up and slowly clog your drip coffeemaker.

The best way to clean the coffee maker brewing mechanism is with vinegar.

Click here for more information on how to clean your coffee maker with vinegar, including a how-to video.

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