Homemade Halloween Costumes: Ideas And Pictures

Are you thinking of making your kids homemade Halloween costumes this year? If so, check out these ideas and pictures for making your own.

Lots of homemade Halloween costume ideas for kids and kids at heart, and includes family costumes {on Household Management 101}
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homemade halloween costume ideas
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Sometimes I just need inspiration so I can get some good ideas. Therefore, I started searching for some cute homemade costumes that my kids or I could make this year.

I started searching in Flickr Creative Commons and this is what I found, and since this article was originally published several readers have also sent in their own costume ideas, which I've also added.

Homemade Family Costumes

I always like the idea of family costumes, because everyone can get involved that way. Here is a great example I found, and believe it or not this was all homemade.

Other ideas for family costumes that my kids and I came up with include:

  • Basically any superhero team, such as Justice League, Power Rangers, Marvel Superhero Squad, etc.
  • Wizard of Oz characters
  • Characters from books, such as Harry Potter, Narnia, or anything else that is magical or fantastic

Homemade Halloween Costumes Of Everyday Objects

I loved all these pictures of people dressed up like ordinary objects. These are really popular for parties, because of their originality.

For example, I recall seeing someone dressed as a mailbox at a Halloween party I went to years ago, and I still remember it.

Some examples include these two juice boxes:

homemade juice box costume
Photo by merfam

Here's a picture of a guy dressed up like a toilet paper roll:

homemade toilet paper roll costume
Photo by Bob Jagendorf

Finally, here are some pictures of the most awesome everyday object I found -- a Rubix cube.

First, here is a picture of the completed costume.

homemade rubix cube costume
Photo by mecredis

Next, is a picture with the Rubix Cube costume on.

rubix cube halloween costume
Photo by mecredis

In addition, if you want to see the full set of pictures of how he made this costume, he has posted them all here.

I love this idea for legos. Just a box with some attachments for the pegs, and voila! These photos were submitted by a reader, Shani.

homemade lego costumes

Here's another idea from a reader, Ali. Dress your child up as spaghetti and meatballs, with some string and some spray painted foam balls. How adorable!

homemade spaghetti and meatballs costumes

Additional ideas for ordinary objects you can make into costumes include:

  • Silverware, such as spoons and forks
  • A television
  • DVD or CD covers

The sky is really the limit when it comes to imaginative objects to use as homemade halloween costume inspiration.

Homemade Animal Costumes

Kids love to pretend to be animals, so these homemade costumes are always a hit.

Here is an example of a homemade bat costume which uses old umbrellas to make the wings. Pretty ingenious, right?

homemade bat costume
Photo by L. Marie

Here are the instructions for how to make this costume, if you really like it.

Another animal example is this praying mantis costume. Now what little boy (and some girls too!) wouldn't like a homemade bug costume for Halloween?

homemade praying mantis costume
Photo by Loup-Vert

Just For Fun Homemade Halloween Costumes

Here are some more I found that are just for fun, but each of them is really cute.

First, here's a picture of a simple Pebbles costume, from the Flintstones, sent in by a reader, Julie.

homemade Pebbles costume

Julie explained, "Pebbles!! I took fleece and doubled up the layer since it's cold here!! I cut the shape by laying it under a well fit shirt and pants and drawing the outline with some extra room on the outside.

Then I cut the black shapes and sewed them and bought the bone for her hair in a multi pack for cheap.

I didn't have to make it nice since it's fleece and the and the shapes were dark colored.

Her hair is more red than this, the lighting made it look blonder. Perfect costume for her age (1)."

Next is a photo sent in by another reader, Cheryl.

homemade pirate costumes

Cheryl said, "My kids love being pirates and put the outfits together themselves."

Another reader, Duana, also sent in her own photo of her toddler, which you can see below.

homemade Angelina ballerina costume

Duana explained, "Last year she was Angelina Ballerina, homemade tutu, ears and tail."

Here are some of the Travelocity Gnomes:

homemade gnome costume
Photo by raquelrocksdotnet, Flickr Creative Commons

I also thought this costume where they look like they are riding a roller coaster is really neat.

homemade rollercoaster costume
Photo by krossbow

Finally, I thought this mime costume was also really well done, and looks easy to duplicate.

homemade mime costume
Photo by Noel Zia Lee

Halloween safety tips for kids

I hope these pictures have given you some good ideas for what kinds of costumes you could make with items around your home for yourself or your kids this Halloween!

Did you know, some costume selections are safer than others though? And you need to consider how the costume is seen by others (especially drivers) in the dark, such as when you're kids are out trick or treating.

Make sure to check out these Halloween safety tips to make sure you make your child's costume as safely as possible!

Lots of homemade Halloween costume ideas for kids and kids at heart, and includes family costumes {on Household Management 101} #HomemadeHalloweenCostumes #HomemadeCostumes #HalloweenCostumes
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