Go Fish Card Game - Recommended For Family Game Night

by Taylor
(Household Management 101)

Go Fish Card Game

Go Fish Card Game

The Go Fish Card Game is another game that you and your family can play, even with very young kids.

I know my family starts playing Go Fish with our kids when they turn about 3, with help from Mom and Dad.

At that young age it is best to have the young child play as part of a team with an older child or parent.

This allows them to learn about the game, participate, but still allow that team to keep the secrecy needed of the cards in their hand to play the game.

Go Fish is not the most riveting game for adults, but the rules are simple for kids, and they don't need to be able to read much, especially with Go Fish cards that have pictures, not just numbers, instead of using a regular deck of cards.

However, the Go Fish card game can definitely be played with a regular deck of cards.

With either a dedicated Go Fish card game deck or a deck of cards the Go Fish game can really help kids learn to pay attention, and remember if someone asks for a card that they already have or may draw in the future.

This strategy really gives the person doing it an edge in the game, and keeps it from being completely luck based.

Below is a video which explains the Go Fish rules and how to play Go Fish, in case you are a bit rusty like I was before I had kids, and started playing this game again.

I think I had forgotten some important points from my childhood.

The most important Go Fish rules and things to remember about how to play Go Fish are:
  • The object is to collect the most books of four of a kind.

  • You need 2 or more players to play, but it is more fun with between 3-6 players.

  • If you do play with 2 players, each player gets 7 cards, and if 3 or more players play, each player gets 5 cards.

So, do you have any recommendations for family game night to share?

If not, you can also read about games already recommended by others.

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