Printable Holidays & Celebrations Gift Tracker: Remember The Gifts Received To Write Thank You Notes

Here's a free printable gift tracker template you can use for any holiday or celebration to keep track of the gifts received. It will help you make sure you send thank you notes to everyone.

Free #printable gift tracker template to keep track of what gifts you receive so you can write thank you notes {courtesy of #HouseholdManagement101} #HolidayPrintables
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No matter what holiday or celebration you're going to, from Christmas, birthdays, wedding or baby showers, or something else, if you give a gift you should send a thank you note.

But especially in situations where you receive multiple gifts, especially in kind of chaotic (but fun) environments like parties, it can be hard to keep track of what all you received and who gave it to you.

And even if you remember right then, will you remember in a week or two everything, without any details slipping your mind?

I know, at least for myself, that is not the case. And I hate remembering and cringing later when I realize I didn't send a thank you note to someone like I wanted to do.

But there's a simple solution -- use a gift tracker worksheet to help you remember. You can either have someone else help you fill this out as you open gifts (this is very common during baby and bridal showers for example), or you can fill it out yourself soon after the party or celebration has ended while your mind is still fresh.

Then, just use the gift tracker as a to do list for writing those thank you notes.

And to make your thank you notes extra special try your best, when you receive each gift, to write something unique about it in the "notes" column of the template. Then, you can more easily use that information to help you write a more personalized thank you note, specific to that particular present, instead of something that sounds a bit generic.

Here's Your Free Printable

Get your free printable below. Make sure you put it in your holiday planner!

Free #printable gift tracker template to keep track of what gifts you receive so you can write thank you notes {courtesy of #HouseholdManagement101} #HolidayPrintables
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