Would A Family Gift Idea Be More Fun?

Need a family gift idea to give? Here are some great ideas from my friend Mel, "The Gift Girl" that are a lot of fun, frugal, and promote family togetherness, a win-win-win in my book.

family gift idea
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Mel says: Coming from a large family with seven siblings and five children of my own, I understand how it can be a bit overwhelming to find each and every person on your long holiday shopping list a gift.

That is why I like a family gift idea. When you combine the amounts you would spend on each individual family member, you can choose a really nice gift for the whole family. Then again, if your budget is tight, one family gift is much more affordable.

Here are some of my favorite ideas for family gifts:


Some of the best gifts our family has received have been games. Last year for Christmas my sister found us a great card game where you make up wacky newspaper headlines. This year another of my sisters sent the children a digital word game as a group birthday gift.

Consider outdoor games, board games, card games or media games (like a Wii). I also like making homemade games for friends and family using ideas from antique game books.


This family gift idea can be all about education or entertainment or both! We enjoyed a craft magazine subscription from my mom so much that we have given the same to other families. Other great subscriptions are Netflix, audio books, book clubs, etc.


Our all time favorite family gift idea was one we received from my Aunt - a zoo membership. With our large family, admission prices can get a little high, but the zoo membership enabled us to go over and over, enjoying each exhibit in a leisurely fashion. Aquariums, museums, living history farms, sports teams and amusement parks usually have great membership or season prices.


Think of something fun for the family to do together. You can choose a craft like candle making, paper airplanes or a family journal or an activity like homemade bubbles, candy making, or bird watching. Then create a kit by putting together all the items or ingredients they will need for the activity.

Find or make a fun container for your kit like a personalized grocery store tote bag, tin pail, or locking wooden box.

Whatever you choose as a family gift idea, whether for Christmas or another holiday or event, if it brings your family together to do activities or otherwise spend time together it will be money well spent, especially if it didn't cost much at all!

Mel The Gift Girl

About Mel, The Gift Girl - Guest Author

Mel, the Gift Girl liked to make gifts so much as a child that she made up her own holidays so there would be more chances to give gifts! She has many more homemade gift ideas on her website or check out her holiday gift idea blog.

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