Daily Household Cleaning Schedules From Around The Web

Lots of people have daily household cleaning schedules which they use to great effect.

Here are some I have come across while scouring the web which I think are very helpful, and really seem to be working for these ladies.

First is Lori at The Simple Life At Home shares her daily cleaning routines.

What she does is breaks down a weeks worth of work into a little bit each day.

Next is Annie, from Annie's Home shares her five daily steps to a clean home.

These are some of the most basic steps for a clean home, including making your bed, dealing with laundry, and kitchen and bathroom quick cleans.

They are quite similar to those I suggest for a daily house cleaning schedule.

Finally, Melissa from Melissa's Thoughts shares her basic daily chores.

I love her quote, where she says, "What I have found over the years that it is easier to keep ahead of things than to let them sit and then have to spend a whole day cleaning."

Amen to that Melissa!

So, do you have a daily household cleaning schedule to share? If so, do so here, or read other schedules already submitted here.

Photo by abbybatchelder

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