How To Clean Scratched CDs With Toothpaste

Ever wonder how to clean scratched CDs that your kids have dropped on the ground, or otherwise injured?

clean scratched CDs
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Scratched CDs are common in my household, with three small children.

Accidents happen, but how do we fix the CDs so they don't skip all over the place when playing?

Use Toothpaste As A CD Scratch Remover

You can use toothpaste to buff out minor scratches in the CD.

Choose a mildly abrasive toothpaste, and apply it to the scratched area with a small amount of water, and then gently rub the mixture with a clean cloth over the scratched surface.

Make sure when you rub that you move from the center of the CD to its edge, not in a circular pattern which can cause additional damage and scratching.

Warning: This method, when not done properly, can cause additional scratching. If a CD is so precious to you that you cannot bear to part with it use another method to get out the scratch, such as disc repair system to take out the scratch.

Obviously, when you have finished buffing you will need to rinse the toothpaste off of the CD, and dry the CD thoroughly before placing it back into your CD player, or you will ruin your CD player.

Additional Caution: The toothpaste method will not work when a CD is deeply scratched, but works well for minor scratches and dings.

Want To Learn How To Clean A CD?

Check out this article on how to clean a CD, which includes an instructional video.

Video On CD Scratch Repair

See the video below which gives a good demonstration of using toothpaste to fix the scratches in a CD.

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