Checklist Template - Free Blank Printable Checklist For You To Use

A checklist template, like the ones listed below, are a great resource for you in creating your own checklists for your home.

learn how to clean with kids
I have provided both a PDF document I created, and also you can create your own checklist right from the Internet.

One of the simplest ways to create a checklist is to print out this printable template for creating your own checklist.

If you would rather do everything on the computer because your handwriting is not legible, or for any other reason, you can use this very simple website, called Printable Checklist.

Creating your checklist is as simple as typing, and then printing it out.

This is a website that has only one page, and is perhaps the most user friendly system I have ever seen because it is so basic. You just land at the site and start typing your list and it puts it in a checklist form.

There is no need to register or sign in or anything like that.

Please note that with this website if you want to save your checklist to use again another day you just print it into a PDF.

Please note I am not affiliated with this website, nor am I being compensated or asked to provide this link. I just think it is a nice simple site for making checklists.

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