Car Seat Tray: Great For Kids For Travel Or In Town

by Taylor
(Household Management 101)

If you've ever gone on a long car trip with your kids you know they can get bored easily, and need things to keep them amused.

Unfortunately, to hand them what they want, and what they drop, just about causes you to wrench your back out of joint, assuming you can even reach it. Plus, if you are driving you just have to listen to them being frustrated that they can't reach what they want.

This tray is a great solution to this problem. It has a wide flat surface which allows your child to use it to play or eat a snack, with less likelihood that they will drop something out of reach.

It also has two large side pockets where kids can hold toys, books, snacks, and other things to keep them entertained during the trip.

You merely buckle the tray around your child's car seat and off you go on your trip. They are so convenient to attach many parents use them not only on long trips, but also for around town driving.

You can also use these trays with your stroller, or on an airplane when you bring your child's car seat.

The tray is not hard, but soft, and can easily be cleaned if your child spills on it, or otherwise gets it dirty. In fact, it is even washable! Now, if only the car seat itself was as easy to clean . . .

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Comments for Car Seat Tray: Great For Kids For Travel Or In Town

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son was happy and content with this
by: Samantha

I recently bout this for a 7 hr road trip love this tray!! My son was happy and content the entire trip and really enjoyed getting to color and do puzzles in the car. We only had to atop once! Love this tray!

it's been used often
by: Tina

We have this. I love it. Perfect for road trips. I have 3 girls. 12, 11, & 5. It's been used very often. It never leaves the car. It flattens out and stores on the side of the back bench of the van.

got out money's worth from it
by: Carrie

We have one of these and use it for our 5 hour and 14-16 hour road trips. It was great for when my kids where younger, I'd say for 3 yo & younger. A little bulky for storing when not in use. There is a buckle strap that goes behind seat (or child) to keep it attached. It can be a nuisance if the child doesn't want to keep it on for long periods of time. Now that they are older, I have recently switched to the cookie sheet idea. Which is great for dry erase markers/crayons, magnets and cars. My kids (4 & 7) still ask to take the car seat tray with on road trips and still use it. I'd say we got our money's worth out of it.

by: Melinda

We have one of these and it is so helpful!

use it for 500 mile-one-way trips
by: Jenn

This tray is amazing. We do 500-mile-one-way trips to my parents' several times a year. I fill a bag with stickers, coloring books, a cookie sheet with random things that I glued magnets to the back; and I give my daughter something from the bag every time she gets finished with something else. We keep a bin of books and the things she's already played with close to her car seat.

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