Candyland Board Game - Young Kids Love It For Family Game Night

by Taylor

Candyland Game

Candyland Game

The first game on my list of recommended family games was the Candyland game.

As I stated, the Candyland game is meant for some of the littlest kids (ages 3 and up), which means that it can get pretty boring for adults.

Below is a video by a father of six, who also is an avid board gamer.

His website is The Dice Tower, and if you like board games, like my family does, I suggest you check it out.

This video below is about the Candyland board game, and he explains why he himself doesn't like it, but that his kids do.

It gives a pretty good assessment of the game -- parents don't generally like playing it, but for some reason little kids do.

Now, that video was not meant to deter you from playing Candyland with your kids. It is just to say that you will most likely not find it the most exciting game ever played.

Nonetheless, one of the best things about this game is the Candyland characters.

Knowing about these characters makes the game seem more fun, at least in my opinion.

The Candyland characters vary with the version of the game, but basically they include:
  • King Kandy - the goal of the game is to reach him, and his Kandy Kastle

  • The Gingerbread people - you choose one of them to move around the board (in the movie version of Candyland -- Candy Land - The Great Lollipop Adventure -- one of the gingerbread people was named "Jib"

  • Mamma Gingertree - one of the first characters on the board
    (she replaces "Plumpy" from some of the older editions)

  • Mr. Mint - a lovable guy who loves peppermint, who lives in Peppermint Forest

  • Grandma Nut (also spelled Gramma Nut) - who loves peanut brittle, and lives in Peanut Acres

  • Lord Licorice - who, you guessed it, loves licorice (in the movie version he is the villain), and lives in the Licorice Forest

  • Jolly - the gumdrop animal who lives on Gumdrop Mountain

  • Gloppy - he is the Chocolate (in earlier versions Molasses) monster -- you don't want to get caught in his swamp, or you lose a turn

  • Queen Frostine - she is an ice skater, and in the movie version is changed into Princess Frostine

  • Princess Lolly - who loves lollipops, and lives in Lollipop Woods

I learned the most about these characters from watching (many times) the Candyland animated movie that came out a couple of years ago. My kids love it, and the older ones have also found the game more enjoyable to play with the little ones after watching the movie.

The Candyland characters are such an endearing part of many people's childhood.

I have seen a couple of birthday cakes decorated with a Candyland theme, which I always think are very cute.

Check out this video below which shows the making of a Candyland Birthday Cake in one minute. Very cool!

Do you have any recommended games for family game night? If so, share them with me here, or read other people's recommendations here.

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