Blokus Game - Recommended For Family Game Night

by Taylor
(Household Management 101)

Blokus Game

Blokus Game

I know I have already recommended the Blokus game for family game night, but I came across a great video explaining how the game is played that I wanted to share with you, because I am afraid my explanation left something to be desired.

This video is from Scott, from Board Games With Scott, where he does video reviews of various board games. (He also has a larger selection of reviews on You Tube).

I have to warn you about this Blokus game video though -- I think this is one of the first videos Scott did, and he messes up first and then starts over.

Don't be thrown by this -- the guy knows what he is talking about. He is actually a college librarian, with a PhD, and is tenured at Syracuse University, who also happens to be a board game fanatic.

Check out this video to see how Blokus is played, to decide if you're interested in playing it on family game night with your kids.

Scott discusses both Blokus and Giant Blokus in the video. I think there is no reason to buy the Giant Blokus version because it is not worth the high price, but my husband disagrees and really wants one (we don't have it, yet). To each his own.

The reason my family really loves Blokus is that it is simple enough for kids to play and enjoy, but its simple elegance makes it fun for adults too.

By the way, Scott's videos about board games are very informative, but he also has some others that are pretty entertaining.

The videos have gotten better with time, and some are quite entertaining (check out the Morris dancing video below if you are interested in seeing a librarian and his friends do some pretty complex dance moves).

Unrelated Video From Scott Regarding Morris Dancing

But I digress . . . so what games do you recommend for family game night?

You can also see games already recommended by others here.

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Game Night
by: The Diaper Diaries

I always love getting game recommendations because we love playing games over here. Right now we are on a Monopoly kick. An oldy but a goody :)

Blokus love and giant games
by: Tim

Great to see another blog with game night ideas. And Scott's videos are all well done. Blokus is still fun at my game nights with friends. I even just did a blog post about Giant Blokus, Jenga, Connect 4 and more at my own game night blog. I'd love the Giant Blokus but pretty expensive.

Hope to see this blog continue.

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