Christmas Gift List Printable: Use It To Help Create Your Christmas Budget

Use this printable Christmas gift list, below, to plan the gifts you will give this Christmas season, and also as a budgeting tool at the same time.

Free printable christmas gift list with a twist, since it not only keeps track of which gifts you plan to and have purchased, where you've hidden them, if you've wrapped them yet, and also it keeps track of your holiday gift budget too! {courtesy of Household Management 101}
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As part of the Stress Free Holidays series I have been running here on Household Management 101 I have suggested that one of the best ways to have a stress free season is to plan out your Christmas gifts.

Making a list of who you want to buy presents for, and what you will get for them will help you keep track so there is no last minute scrambling around trying to buy forgotten gifts.

However, I have also stressed the importance of having a Christmas on a budget. The holidays can be an expensive time, if you let them, but that is not really the purpose of the season.

That is why I have designed this printable Christmas gift list for you to use in your household notebook, as part of your holiday planning section (or in your holiday planner if you are making one of these instead).

The list serves several functions at once. This is how you can use it for your Christmas planning and Christmas budgeting:

  • Decide who to buy (or make) gifts for (check out this gorgeous site for some homemade Christmas gift ideas)
  • Decide what gift you will buy (or make) each recipient
  • Decide how much money you will spend on (or to buy the materials to make) the present
  • Add up all the money budgeted to make sure you are not planning on overspending, and revise downward until your total is reasonable and is one you can actually afford
  • Write the actual purchase price once purchased on your list, to keep yourself accountable to your budget, and help you stay on track
  • Check off the present once it is purchased or made, so you can quickly tell what you have left to do before Christmas
  • Check off the gift once it is wrapped, so you don't have a marathon wrapping session on Christmas Eve, for example
  • Provides a place to write any additional notes to yourself, like where you hid the wrapped gift, or when you need to ship the gift if it is going somewhere out of town, for example

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Additional Free Holiday Printables On The Site

Here are additional free holiday printables available on the site:

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