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In this Issue of The Household Manager:

  1. What's New At Household Management 101
  2. Please Share Your Home Management Tips With Me (And Read Ones Submitted By Other Readers)
  3. Tip From A Reader Regarding Household Notebooks
  4. Household Management 101's Been Nominated As A MomFave! Vote For Me!
  5. A Simple Online To Do List You Can Use
  6. Some Of Taylor's Favorite Websites And Blogs Regarding Aspects Of Household Management

What's New at Household Management 101?

  1. 7 Laundry Stain Removal Tips For Families With Children Are your children a magnet for stains? Learn these seven laundry stain removal tips to improve your chances of removing those stains and make the laundry chore less burdensome.
  2. Typical Laundry Supplies For Your Household And How To Use Them Effectively Trying to figure out what those different laundry supplies you have are used for, and if you should get more? See a list of supplies and how to use them for your family's laundry.
  3. What Laundry Symbols Mean And When You Can Ignore Them Ever wonder what those laundry symbols means on your clothing tag, and if you really need to follow the instructions? Learn about when you can and cannot ignore laundry tags.
  4. Foster A Positive Learning Environment In Your Home Creating a home where children love learning is one of the many things possible with good home management techniques. Learn how here . . .
  5. Does A Messy House Make It Harder For Your Kids To Learn To Read? Can having a messy house cause more problems than dirt underfoot? A new study suggests that, in some circumstances, it can make it more difficult for your child to learn to read, but is it really true?
  6. Instilling The Reading Habit In Your Children Do you wish your children had the reading habit? Find out tips and strategies for how to instill a love of reading in your children.
  7. Use An AR Reading List To Find Books At Your Child's Reading Level How do you or your child choose books to read that aren't too hard or easy for them? Learn how to use an AR reading list to solve this problem.
  8. Weekly House Cleaning Schedules Benefit Your Home And Sanity Find out how weekly house cleaning schedules can help you, and see some examples to help you create one that fits your home and family life.

Please Share Your Home Management Tips With Me (And Read Ones Submitted By Other Readers)

Here at Household Management 101 I am always looking for new ideas about household management. I have created a section of my site where you can tell me your home management tips, such as about laundry, cleaning, household notebooks, school and homework, or any other idea under the sun.

Please Share Your Home Management Tips Here

You can also read some of the tips already submitted by other readers. I have really enjoyed receiving these tips, and love how each person has made a system or used an idea, changed it for their circumstances, and really made it work for them.

Check out these laundry scheduling tips and cleaning schedules submitted by fellow readers. See if any of these would work for you, and don't forget to comment on their posts!

Tip From A Reader Regarding Household Notebooks

In last month's newsletter, and on the website, I talked about how using a household notebook can help you and your family feel more organized and in control.

Since then, I got a great suggestion from Lynette, a homeschool mom from Oklahoma, regarding my article on how to make a household notebook.

Lynette says: "I just started a notebook and went to buy dry erase markers for the plastic sheet protectors. I found that they have WET erase markers. These are working very well as they don't rub off accidentally. Also, my son is left handed and he erases as he writes with dry erase marker."

I love this idea from Lynette, because we have some lefties in my family too!

By the way, you should go check out Lynette's blog, Lynette's Ideas!

Household Management 101's Been Nominated As A MomFave! Vote For Me!

Some exciting news, at least to me, is that I was nominated as a MomFave by Amy, who blogs at All Access Amy. Thanks Amy!

So anyway, if you like the website please vote for me by clicking this button, or if you can't see the button in this email you can go to my homepage, scroll down to the bottom and click there!

A Simple Online To Do List You Can Use

Do you like to use a daily to do list? I know I do, but I hate writing my routines and schedules out over and over again, because it means writing the same list of things to do daily, which seems like a big waste of time.

One way to avoid this, without having to chuck the routines and schedules, is to use an online to do list.

But you don't have to spend any money to use some great online tools. I have begun reviewing some recently, and I plan to share a more comprehensive review with you on my site, within the next few months.

In the mean time I wanted you to know about one of the simplest online to do list I have found, which is Printable Checklist. This is a website that has only one page, and is perhaps the most user friendly system I have ever seen because it is so basic. You just land at the site and start typing your list and it puts it in a checklist form.

There is no need to register or sign in or anything like that.

Printable Checklist is great for people like me that like to check off little boxes on their to do lists. It is also great for quick disposable, one time checklists, or for people with poor handwriting.

If you want to save your to do list to use again another day, you will need to print it into a PDF. Don't worry, that is not as complicated as it may sound. There are some great instructions for how to print to PDF at Unclutterer.

I hope that you enjoy exploring this little web find and that it helps with your daily routines!

Some Of Taylor's Favorite Websites And Blogs Regarding Aspects Of Household Management

Although I have a lot to say on the subject of household management, or I wouldn't have started this site, there are always new ideas and fresh perspectives on topics related to household management all around the web. Check out my lists of some of my favorites I wrote about this past month.

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