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  1. What's New At Household Management 101
  2. How To Do Laundry - The Series
  3. Please Share Your Home Management Tips With Me (And Read Ones Submitted By Other Readers)
  4. Hand Washing - An Easy Step To Reduce The Risk Of The Flu For Your Family
  5. Ask A Home Management Question

What's New at Household Management 101?

Let's start by saying, I've missed you guys! I have taken about six months off from this newsletter, but I hope to have it back in full swing again.

Things have been pretty crazy the last few months for me and my family, since I switched jobs and I got a bit overwhelmed with it all.

I needed to go into survival mode, with my family and home the priority.

While I was in that transition time I even tried (most of the time) to follow my own advice and cut back, only hitting the highlights of cleaning my house when in a hurry.

I will confess, sometimes I couldn't even manage that. You know how it is, right? We've all been there.

Finally, things are getting back on track and I am hoping to get back into full swing around here.

During the last couple of months some of my favorites articles I have posted included:

How To Do Laundry - The Series

I have three kids, so I do laundry a lot.

I'm sure you do a fair share of laundry yourself. In fact, I bet many of you do even more laundry than I do because you have more kids, or more activities which get your family members dirty, or for other reasons.

However, no matter how much laundry we do, it never hurts to review the fundamentals from time to time to help us remember the basics of the process.

I have created a series, How To Do Laundry, which is designed to do just this. I would invite you to explore the series and see if it helps you out.

I know that as I wrote it I really re-remembered things that have helped me keep my laundry cycle going.

  1. How To Do Laundry - Introduction
  2. Gathering Dirty Clothes In Laundry Baskets
  3. Sorting Laundry With A Laundry Sorter
  4. How To Wash Clothes
  5. How To Dry Clothes
  6. Fold Laundry
  7. Putting Clean Clothes Away

Please Share Your Home Management Tips With Me (And Read Ones Submitted By Other Readers)

Here at Household Management 101 I am always looking for new ideas about household management. I have created a section of my site where you can tell me your home management tips, such as about laundry, cleaning, household notebooks, school and homework, or any other idea under the sun.

Please Share Your Home Management Tips Here

You can also read some of the tips already submitted by other readers. I have really enjoyed receiving these tips, and love how each person has made a system or used an idea, changed it for their circumstances, and really made it work for them.

Below are just a few of the recent submissions I have received. Check these out to see if any of these would work for you, and don't forget to comment on their posts!

Hand Washing - An Easy Step To Reduce The Risk Of The Flu For Your Family

I don't know about where you live but the H1N1 flu strain is really running through my community right now, with several schools having closed, at least for a couple of days.

My kids have been sick with something or other for the past bit, but all seem to be on the mend now.

What I really kept trying to remember during this time of sickness in my household is, "wash your hands."

I need to take care of my kids, no matter what illness they have. So, I need to remember to wash my hands so I reduce the risk of getting whatever it is they have, and also to keep from spreading it from one child to another.

The flu going around is what got me thinking about this, but really hand washing is an important part of home management in general, to keep our family healthy from all types of things.

Because of this I have created a special page on my website regarding the proper hand washing technique, which includes both written instructions and a couple of how to videos.

I encourage you to read this article to refresh your understanding of the importance of hand washing for the safety and health of our families.

Ask A Home Management Question

A new series I have on my site, Household Management 101, is to allow you, my readers, to ask me a Home Management Question.

I have to say, I have been hit with some good ones, mainly so far about stain removal.

This series has two purposes:

1. I want to know what you, as my readers, are interested in reading more about. This will help me in drafting new articles and formulating new topics for discussion.

2. I want to answer your questions to help you out, even if that requires me to do some research before replying.

So, do you have a burning home management question, about anything? It could be about laundry, chores, cleaning, school for the kids, etc.?

Submit your home management question here.

Some questions I have already received and responded to include these:

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