February 1, 2009


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In this Issue of The Household Manager:

  1. About Taylor - Author of Household Management 101
  2. What's New at Household Management 101
  3. I Want To Know Your Weekly Laundry Schedule
  4. Seven Tips For Taming Morning Chaos

About Taylor - Author of Household Management 101

Welcome to the first issue of The Household Manager.

Since this is my first issue of this newsletter, I just wanted to take this chance to introduce myself and thank you for subscribing.

Click here to learn about me and my philosophy of household management.

What's New at Household Management 101?

  1. What Is Household Management? Learn the difference between household management and home management.
  2. Household Manager: A Job Description Are you tired of being the only person cleaning up in your home? Learn what a household manager does in her home and transform yourself from a maid into management material.
  3. Set Your Goals For Your Family And Household Learn how to set your goals for success and happiness in your home and family life, and more importantly, how you can achieve them.
  4. How To Do Laundry Learn how laundry is a cycle, and each of the six steps in that cycle.
  5. Make A Weekly Schedule For Your Laundry Are you looking to conquer those piles of laundry once and for all? Find out how to make a weekly schedule to get all your laundry done.
  6. 7 Reasons To Create A Household Notebook It seems like everyone suggests you should make a home management binder. Find out why it can benefit your family.
  7. How To Make A Household Notebook Making a homemaking notebook does not need to be complicated or elaborate, but it should involve some thought process. Find out how to make the most of this useful tool.
  8. Suggested Contents Of A Household Notebook See the typical contents of a household notebook, and how use of these tools can help you enjoy your home and family more.
  9. How To Keep Track Of Your Child's School Papers Does your child bring home mountains of school papers everyday? Learn how to deal with them effectively, and never forget another date or homework assignment.
  10. How To Quickly Make A Grocery Shopping List That Works Find out how to make a grocery shopping list quickly and easily that actually lists everything you need on it for the week.
  11. Why Your Family Should Create A Household Inventory Find out how creating a household inventory now can help your family if you ever need to file an insurance claim in the future.
  12. How To Create A Household Inventory Quickly And Easily Want to create a household inventory, but don't know where to begin? Learn how to create one quickly and easily that includes all the right information in case you need to file an insurance claim.

I Want To Know Your Weekly Laundry Schedule

Here at Household Management 101 I am always looking for new ideas about household management.

One of my focuses this past month has been on laundry, because keeping up with the laundry is such an important part of keeping our family life from spinning out of control.

The best thing I have found to keep up with Mt. Washmore is a weekly laundry schedule. I have posted my family's weekly laundry schedule on my site.

But every household is different, and we learn best from example.

Please look at the bottom of my weekly laundry schedule page for an invitation to contribute to the community and help others get ideas for their weekly laundry schedule by contributing what you have learned.

Click here to contribute (scroll to the bottom of the page for the invitation).

7 Tips For Taming Morning Chaos

Every morning do you feel like you are rushing around like crazy, only to forget something anyway, like your son's homework or your lunch for work?

This is a common problem, but fortunately it can be solved with some quick and easy steps. Even implementing one or two of these will dramatically improve your mornings.

  1. Put your purse and keys in the same place every evening when you come home. That way you can find them in the morning.
  2. Pack lunches the night before and place them in the refrigerator. Put a note on the door reminding you about them, if needed, to get them out in the morning.
  3. Lay both your and your children's clothes out the night before, so there is no decision making in the morning when you are still sleepy and no last minute realization that what you wanted to wear isn't clean.
  4. Check the family calendar to make sure you are prepared for anything special that is happening the next day, such as permission slips to be signed or doctor's appointments.
  5. Have each child's homework done and backpack packed up the night before, and placed by the door, ready to be grabbed the next morning.
  6. Get enough sleep. When you aren't so tired you function better and are less likely to forget things while in your morning fog.
  7. Get up 15 minutes earlier so you do not have to rush so much in the morning. (Although, if you implement the first six steps I have suggested you may find this one is unnecessary.)
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