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by Taylor
(Household Management 101)

Below is a weekly house cleaning schedule from MyTexasHome1, which shows her weekly house cleaning schedule.

I really like this video for several reasons.

First, she keeps her cleaning schedule in a household notebook.

She keeps this binder in a central location in her home so it is easy for everyone to access, including her family.

That is one of the reasons I encourage everyone to make a housekeeping notebook -- to get the whole family involved.

Don't keep scheduled routine to do list in your mind. Let everyone in the family know about it, and then they can pitch in.

Further, she has several layers of scheduling within her notebook for her cleaning, which is great because some things need to be cleaned more often than others.

She has a daily house cleaning schedule which she does daily, obviously.

In addition, she follows a weekly laundry schedule to make sure she gets all the wash done.

Finally, she has a weekly house cleaning schedule where she has broken up certain tasks to do on certain days of the week.

The video is a bit long, at a little over three minutes, but I thought it really demonstrated some of the core principles of what a household manager does.

So, do you have a cleaning schedule to share? If so, submit your cleaning schedule here, or read other cleaning schedules already submitted here.

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