Household Notebook Video - How Mandi Does It

by Taylor
(Household Management 101)

Mandi has posted a great household notebook video explaining her entire home management system.

Mandi has the wonderful blog Organizing Your Way, which I have already listed as one of my favorite organizing blogs.

Below is her video explaining her system, which includes a household notebook, ideas folder, coupon organizer, and calendar/planner.

Do you have a household notebook or binder you have created? If so, share how you made it, or how you use it with us!

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Great job, Mandi!
by: KitchensResolved

I think this is a fantastic video. I like her way of explaining a notebook versus a whole system for home management.

It is great to have the organizing products separate, so she only needs to grab one or two things, rather than 1 notebook with tons of stuff.

I do think that someone just starting out should start with 1 binder. Unless someone is uber-organized like Mandi, a system (with a coupon organizer, agenda, brainstorming notebook, home binder, and magazine clipping holder) would just be one more thing to lose/mess up.

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